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Welcome to this website,

I've called it peterlynnhimself because, well, that's what it is.

Until now I've been coat tailing on the websites of Peter Lynn brand licensees, but not all the publishable stuff I have is appropriate for these sites.

There are technical papers- like the most recent one on the stability of single line kites (a work in progress for 30 years)- which are relevant, but a lot of kite history material has little connectivity for them, and my 'other life'mechanical engineering history, has none. Nor do the occasional comments I make about political and economic issues.

Where appropriate there are links to the businesses and organisations I'm connected to. These are:

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Peter Lynn Kites Ltd Visit Them

Ashburton NZ, proprietors; Jenny Cook and Craig Hansen, Peter Lynn brand licensees for single line kites.

Gomberg Kite Productions Visit Them

Peter Lynn kites Ltd's agents for North America and Peter Lynn brand licensees for a selection of single line kite designs.

Air Banners Off Line

Purveyors of towed advertising. Backed by the Al farsi family, Kuwait, managing director; Paul Reynolds (London).

The Lynn Historical Woodworking Museum Comming Soon

The Plains, Ashburton; world's number one collection of 19th century ornamental turning lathes, my father's life's work.

Material will be added to each of these categories as I get time to sort and edit it, there's a LOT!